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Soho Historic Pub Tour

  • Tour snapshot

    London’s Soho is like a mix of Vegas, Broadway, Amsterdam, and Hollywood all rolled into one. Come visit one of the world’s most iconic entertainment districts, where the rich and famous have rubbed shoulders with the down and out for over 300 years.

  • Highlights

    • Explore bohemian Soho and see why it’s one of the world’s most iconic districts
    • See where the greatest writers, musicians, artists, and actors have rubbed shoulders with royalty and regular folk for centuries
    • Enjoy a pint in John Lennon’s local, drop by the club where Marilyn Monroe famously escaped the paparazzi, and see where Jimi Hendrix played his first and final gigs in London
    • Visit Karl Marx’s home and see where George Orwell wrote 1984
    • Enjoy true English beers and ales at a traditional English pub

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