Mayfair Dessert Tour

Join us for a chocolate and dessert sampling tour, as we visit some of the wold’s most famous luxury stores, where hollywood A-listers and European Aristocracy shop to this day.

What you'll see

  • Starting at London’s iconic Piccadilly Circus, we’ll explore some of the richest areas of central London where the famous and wealthy live and play.
  • Visit the Queen’s own grocer and the stores where Rhiana, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Prince William all shop.
  • Sample some of London’s and the world’s most famous desserts, patisseries and chocolates.
  • Discover the funny and sometimes shocking tales of life in Mayfair and Soho, the most iconic areas of central London.
  • Relax at one of the most lavish and outlandish chocolate stores ever created.



Where and when

Where: Westminster Underground Station exit 4


 When: 11am Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


(This tour does not run on Monday or Tuesday)



Telephone: 07900 186 476

What it'll look like... kind of


PHONE: 07900 186 476  -  07500 166 678



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