Secret Soho Pub Tour

Where the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix and Karl Marx all lived, worked or played. Includes stops at 4 iconic English pubs that have helped define London on the world stage.
See why visitors from around the world have flocked to England’s most iconic entertainment area for over 300 years!

What you'll see

  • Starting at the world famous Piccadilly Circus, we’ll explore London’s iconic entertainment district where the rich and famous rub shoulders with the locals and tourists alike.
  • See where Jimi Hendrix played his first and last gigs in London.
  • Drop by the club where Marilyn Monroe and Lawrence Olivier spent time.
  • Visit Karl Marx’s home and checkout where George Orwell wrote 1984.
  • And enjoy a pint at 4 uniquely English pubs, including John Lennon’s local, where Keith Moon (The Who) was later banned for life.





Where and when

Where: Piccadilly Circus next to statue of Eros


 When: 2pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


(This tour does not run on Monday or Tuesday)



Telephone: 07900 186 476

What it'll look like... kind of


PHONE: 07900 186 476  -  07500 166 678



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