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Beer Drinking with the Brits

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  • Experience beer drinking British style, with a local (to London) pub expert.
  • Connect with people around the world, who all share your passion for beer while drinking it as you have never done before. No acrobatics involved don’t worry.  
  • Join Beard and Bald in some cultural peculiarities and discover the sacred beer rituals of the British, who have favoured beer over all other drinks (except tea of course) for centuries. 
  • Be entertained with by amazing stories about famous drinkers and legendary characters as you enjoy this ‘one of a kind’ online tasting party. 
  • Without stepping foot outside your front door, you’ll be mingling with new friends from distant corners of the globe and enjoying your new favourite online pub.
  • By the end of the experience you will be fully versed in the way of the British and understand all of the little subtleties that can be discovered on a night in a British pub.

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